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Training for Business is an Ofsted Outstanding Apprenticeship and workplace training provider. We can train both your current staff and new employees. One size does not fit all, which is why our apprenticeships are designed around the needs of the individual and your business. As every person and company is different, we offer a flexible approach to accredited apprenticeship training and bespoke commercial training to upskill your staff.

There are several ways we can support your company with your training needs. Your employees can become apprentices, or we can help you find apprentices to work for you. We will show you how to use a digital apprenticeship service account. Read more about the Apprenticeship Levy. We can also customise the delivery of our training to suit the needs of your business. If you require bespoke commercial training, please contact us for details.

We place great emphasis on our courses being consistent, engaging, motivating, and above all fun. Our aim is to build skills and generate new ideas within an energetic learning environment. Our courses are delivered in a range of formats, including 1-2-1 sessions, group workshops and online learning. We deliver exceptional, accredited training at a time to suit you – and with government funding, the cost for training could be nothing at all.

Learners need to spend 20% of their course time in working hours ‘upskilling’ themselves. Known as ‘20% Off-the-Job’ this is the key to achieving an apprenticeship. This does not have to impact on your busy work schedule, as it includes team meetings, being mentored, and learning about your company processes, procedures or new technologies. Read more

For employers recruiting new staff, we also offer a recruitment agency service, at no extra cost, to help people and businesses find an apprenticeship match.

Get in touch or call 0115 969 1650 to explore how we can work together to build and shape the skills you need for the future. Please share the course details below with your staff:

  • Sales & Marketing

    Do you want to learn key marketing principles? Interested in developing your knowledge of social media strategies and digital marketing campaigns? Whether you’re new to sales and marketing, or you’re an experienced professional, learn how to acquire, engage and retain customers.

  • Business Administration

    Interested in improving your admin skills? Want to learn how to develop, implement and maintain new processes and procedures? Whether you’re an administrator looking to sharpen your knowledge, or an admin assistant ready to progress, learn transferable knowledge and core business skills.

  • Management

    Want to support, manage and develop your team better? Maybe you’re looking to improve your project management or finance skills? Whether you’re a team leader or a departmental manager, learn how to build relationships, resolve problems, and plan, deliver and meet important operational goals.

  • Customer Service

    Do you want to improve your customer service skills? Perhaps you’re ready to develop specialist techniques for handling complex or technical requests? Whether you’re a professional in a customer-facing role or you’re new to customer service, learn how to deal with a wide range of scenarios.

  • General Course Information

    Find out how our courses are structured and delivered, as well as features, requirements, and wider learning. We explain how 20% Off-the-Job works and what’s included…